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  • Ribbon Bag

    Ribbon Bag

    Bags with black satin lining and black hidden zipper.


  • Activo Cooler Tote

    Activo Cooler Tote

    Someone you know could use a cooler bag that complements an active lifestyle. It's that person who might take the Activo Cooler Tote straight from the supermarket--where its large main compartment makes it a perfect grocery bag--to a work trip.


  • One-bottle Wine Travel Case

    One-bottle Wine Travel Case

    Exceptionally strong and well insulated, this is the originally patented One Bottle Insulated Wine Bag. This model has full open-cell foam insulation with ample room for a pocket housing a non-toxic , reusable chill-pack (included).


  • Two-Bottle Wine Travel Case

    Two-Bottle Wine Travel Case

    Black leatherette soft case with zippered top holds two bottles of wine in a padded portioned compartment. Curved stainless corkscrew, mirror finish, cone-top wine stopper, drip collar s/s, 14" high, 8-1/2" wide, 4" deep.